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Time to get acquainted, right?

For the past 17 years I've been doing what I love: creating and implementing marketing, branding and business development programs for small businesses, start-ups and organizations in Israel and around the world.


I enjoy working with people and facing challenges. Although I lost count of the number of people who’ve consulted me, I remember each and every one of them. I started out as an employee, continued as an independent, writing a book that was also translated, founding a start-up company and realizing many visions for various ventures. I built everything with my own two hands, overcame challenges and enjoyed successes, both on my own and with clients. What I do is effective and immediate marketing development that achieves ambitious goals for people with a vision.


I believe that any goal can be achieved with proper planning. That's what motivates me, that's my personal credo. That's what challenges me, what makes me love my profession and appreciate those who work with me. The path I lay for my clients is always creative, practical and very explanatory. So you won’t find piles of irrelevant content here, but rather a brief description of what I do and why it works so well.

"There's great commitment in working with small businesses and start-ups, because the entrepreneurs I work with, are first and foremost people, who want to make it big, and to enjoy the small things life has to offer."


Significant milestones in my professional development

  • As soon as I was discharged from the army, I began my first job as a driver. It wasn’t my dream job, but it gave me a chance me to get introduced to the marketing team of a private college that holds international courses and seminars for the top echelons of government, education, finance and agriculture in transitional countries.

  • Two months after I started as a driver, I transitioned into my first marketing position, and within two years I managed the marketing of the top courses of that college, including joint courses with Harvard for university presidents and top decision makers, as well as major courses for central banks and governments. 

  • During these years I studied for my BA in Sociology, applying what I had learned in my job with tremendous success.

    After graduation, I set out on my own path and published my first book: "When I Grow up, I'll Have an Airline." That was a real boost for my career. Today, I am in the final stages of writing my next book. 

  • After publishing the book, I founded a consulting forum for small businesses, and after that, I founded my own start-up.

  • The company, called Q-Team, was active and profitable, attracting a lot of public and media attention in Israel, including appearances o well-known TV shows such as "Layla Calcali" (Economic Night - The leading economic show in Israel). 

  • Over the years, I never stopped giving lectures, holding workshops and advising a wide range of clients: from people who want to start their first business or start-up, to game-changing organizations like a well-known network of innovation hubs and shared workspaces, factories and mega organizations like banks. 

  • I am closely familiar with the entrepreneurial eco-system in Israel, and therefore able to provide highly accurate consulting services to start-ups, and to people who want to realize their ideas but haven’t yet established companies or business entities.


Professional Toolbox

I compiled my professional toolbox through years of practical experience, working with small businesses, start-ups and organizations, and meeting hundreds of successful people and entrepreneurs. The tools I employ are suitable for a wide variety of target audiences - from people with potential ideas, to existing start-ups, organizations and mega organizations. My toolbox contains solutions for every type of target audience. Sometimes, a solution to one target audience can also work for another in very specific business situations, such as an organization that wants to think a small business in order to solve a certain issue; a small business that needs to think like a large organization in order to advance to the next level; or even a small business that needs to run like a start-up without really being one. There is no right or wrong here, just suitable vs. unsuitable. In every consulting process, I regularly adjust the tools to meet the needs of the individual client, and together with them I create a useful, effective and diverse work environment full of business and intellectual challenges, but at the same time very rewarding.

The Start-Up Nation: Great things have started here.


Let the Israeli experience work for you.

Israel is known as the start-up nation, and for a good reason. We are forward-thinkers, not restricted by current conceptions, constantly looking for new ideas and different perspectives, and forming our ideas to create better business models to carry them to the world. We all live and breath start-ups and innovation. We grow up with this unique thinking embedded in our DNA.

Our social connections, our professional activities and our day-to-day actions all represent this out-of-the-box thinking. Working with Israelis is not always easy but very productive. People may say that the Israeli Experience is something you are born with, but we say, that it is something that we need to pass on. This is what I do here at demeter, this is who we are.
And we don’t wear helmets, really.


A little about myself:

  • I am married to Anat and have two daughters who give me boundless joy. They actually control my life, and although I really want to say that I enjoy every moment, it would be more accurate to say that I try to enjoy as many moments as possible.

  • I like things to be as neat and perfect as possible. In the past, this tendency really bothered me, but now thankfully it’s been harnessed and put in place. I still enjoy it, but it doesn’t limit me. In my second book, you will be able to read a lot more about it.

  • I like sports, extreme sports, aviation and cars. I make sure to work out almost every day, during which I listen to lectures and podcasts - both professional and editorial. Want me to give you recommendations for some great podcasts? The Contact Us button is right here at the bottom of the page.

  • I feel at peace when I see an alpine landscape. That’s where I find the most inspiration. That explains the design of this website.

  • I always reply to those who write to me, whether it’s one sentence or an endless manuscript.


It’s what matters most to me, and it is evident in my writing, my consulting and my workshops. In my opinion, what sets me apart from others is that I view entrepreneurs as people, and as an entrepreneur myself, I know firsthand the difficulties they experience. I invite you to contact me, read my book or come to one of my workshops. I'd love to meet you.