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Great reading material for you!

Here you can find some reading material about Branding, marketing, in addition to useful tips for small businesses and start-up companies. This content is being updated regularly, and if you have any ideas that you wish to suggest, please drop me a line. 


Writing a business plan, marketing plan and SWOT model

Small businesses and organizations must have a clear business plan. Start-ups, by definition, have no fixed business plan but rather goals that must be achieved by varying means. In the next article...


SMART Model for Setting Objectives and Goals +Special Addition

Objectives and goals are two elusive things that are easy to want, but very difficult to implement. For many years, I searched for a model that would help me and the people working with me to set...

People Working in Open Office

Seven tips for growing businesses

After my lectures or during interviews, the first question I get asked is: What is the most important tip for small businesses? Although I have dozens, not just one, I've assembled some important...


How to build a proper brand and make it profitable?

Building a brand is an art form, and there’s no single way to do it. Ultimately, it means one thing: getting your marketing channels to match the right product to the right person. This is the...

Inside Business

Common fears when implementing business ideas

We are all entrepreneurs. Young, old, employed and independents. The main difference between most people and successful entrepreneurs around the world is the ability to summon the...


Winning practices for an outstanding content Marketing

Every few years, the marketing world undergoes significant changes that affect the way marketing strategies are built, the way marketing messages are conveyed to potential customers and the...

Air Traffic Forecasting

Small Businesses make it in the Big World

Global companies used to be revered. They had a huge market, assets, fancy offices in skyscrapers and a lot of people talking about their brand. Entire books were written about their methods...


Completing a Year in a Small Business

A small business that grows by one year is always a cause for celebration. Here I will give you three great tools to make sure next year is excellent, even if the last one was good...