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Business Success

Isn't magic or fate, it's a matter of making the right decisions. 

Let's make them together. 

My name is Yahel Demeter and I come from the Start-Up nation.

I am a serial dream maker, for myself and others. Since 2002, I’ve promoted countless innovative business ideas for entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses, start-ups and organizations. This was done by creating and implementing branding, marketing and business development strategies based on my vast experience and multi-disciplinary knowledge.

Program for New Entrepreneurs

If you have an idea but don’t have the information required to turn it into a small business or start-up, this is a great starting point for you. Together we will figure out the best business model for your idea, devise an implementation plan, plan its marketing, branding and advertising strategy and bring the idea to fruition.

Start-ups and Small Businesses

Small businesses and start-up companies are constantly evolving and working with them is a distinct experience, by virtue of the huge difference in the business plan and growth channels structure. Together, we will figure out the right growth and business development plans, and build and implement proper branding and marketing strategies.

Companies, Organizations and Corporates

Working with various teams in organizations and companies is challenging and rewarding at the same time. While the processes are very complex due to the need to study the existing market and examine marketing and branding strategies, the work process can have a huge impact on many people in a short time.

It works because no one remains dry.

When my clients jump into the water, I jump with them. I remain closely involved, and my experience makes it possible to reduce work times significantly and avoid potential mistakes preemptively.

Sitting down in meetings with me means hard work, because that’s where talk becomes action. In the past 17 years, I've seen people transform their own lives and the lives of others with good ideas. When we meet, I will build a professional consulting program for you that will suit your goals.

Customer Reviews

Go to the "Customers" page to read recent reviews about the work process with me, what you get during the process and the frequently asked questions I get before preparation meetings.

Lectures & Workshops

Read about the professional lectures and workshops that I offer to groups, organizations and companies, and join my list of friends who receive notifications when new private workshops are opened.


Great Reading Material

Anyone who knows me knows that I love to write, and when I’m not writing books, I write professional articles that are published here, in magazines, and in newspapers. Here you will find regularly updated relevant content.